Our Process






Every successful project starts from a good strategy. Mobile application development is not an exception. Our experts start their work with researching the market, defining its priorities and main trends, then they build detailed application’s concept, figuring out its potential, functionality and general utility.



A precise and clear prototype is the trump card in your sleeve. It’s where a customer, designers and developers agree on what the application is going to look like and work. Making a good prototype saves you time and money.



Depending on purposes, functionality, target audience, market trends and customer preferences our designers will work out every element of an app to make it practical, user-friendly and pleasing the eye according to the latest iOS, Android and Windows Phone guidlines. 



Whatever accurate is analysis, prototype and design, all their results depend on jewelry work of developers. Our first-class iOS and Android experts always provide clean code, making all the previous endeavors of the team reasonable.



It is hard to overestimate the importance of a qualitative QA. Besides Android and iOS tools, we apply innovative testing technologies. We use functional, stability, stress, localization, usability, smoke testing and regression.